Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link Walkthrough Video

We have the newest DXHR: The Missing Link Walkthrough video for you to take a look at. As you know, all of Adam Jensen’s augmentations will be taken, and he must rely on instinct and precise weapon handling to come out alive. The Missing Link DLC is said to give the DX:HR 5 more hours of gameplay. We have no date when the new DLC will be available for download, but it is coming sometime this month.

Here is a little more about the video before you dive in:

Narrated by Game Designer Antoine Thisdale, this walkthrough of The Missing Link offers a deeper look at the gameplay. After a perilous escape from his Belltower captors, Adam Jensen manages to escape the cargo ship on which he is trapped. What he doesn’t know yet is that the ship has docked onto a secret Belltower seabase. He will have to uncover this base’s deepest secrets if he hopes to make it out alive.

Here is the first walkthrough video just in case you missed it.

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