Pachter: “Wii U ‘Not Quite’ Next Generation”

Seems like Nintendo’s latest console; the Wii U, still fails to convince industry analyst Michael Pachter, who through an interview with Industrygamers, made a hesitating stand regarding the upcoming piece of hardware and its place on the market. In Pachter words,

The Wii U is a pretty ambitious undertaking. It’s a new console, with new controls and architecture, but it’s not quite “next” generation. Developers have to contend with differences between the Wii U and current generation consoles, then have to figure out what to do with the controls. The timing is still up in the air, and as far as I know, there are no significant third party “exclusives”; instead, we’ll see iterations of third party games already on the market, which is unlikely to drive significant hardware sales. In order for the launch to be “hugely successful” (as your question phrased it), the console will need three things: a competitive price, compelling first party launch titles, and compelling third party launch titles. We don’t know if the Wii U will have any of these, so it’s quite difficult to predict a hugely successful launch.

According to Pachter, Wii U challenges vary from lack of exclusives to lack of clarity in how the unique controller will be used by developers, as well as total uncertainty regarding price and what titles will be released at launch. That, however, only leads to the obvious conclusion that Wii U’s success depends on currently undisclosed issues which surely will be revealed in the coming months; clarifying the horizon a little bit more.

Source: IGN, Industrygamers


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