Supremacy MMA Review (Xbox 360)

Game Review: MMA Supremacy (Xbox 360)
Release: September 20, 2011
Genre: MMA Fighting
Developer: Kung Fu Factory
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Players: 1 Local / 2 Online
MSRP: $49.99 US
ESRB Rating: M for Mature

There are very few MMA games out in the market and Supremacy MMA looks to fill that void with a game that takes a different route with the genre. Supremacy MMA is an arcade fighter that quickens that pace of what are usually battles of attrition that can last for 3 times as long in the other MMA fighting games.

Supremacy MMA drops many of the features that I found overbearing or complicated with the UFC games. Rather than a complicated series of button presses and modifiers, Supremacy Relies on an easy to control set of 1-to-1 attacks, grapples, submissions, and throws. Supremacy MMA also does away with the guessing game of where your fighter stands within a fight and instead goes with a straight forward health and stamina meter combination. In many ways this turns Supremacy MMA into more of a fighting game than a simulation like the UFC games.

Each character within the game gets their own story line that walks you through their humble beginnings up until their professional careers. To be honest, none of the stories are all that compelling or provide the player with interesting scenarios to fight through. Instead you’re giving some quick water-color style comic cut scenes with some voice over and then placed in a new area to duke-it-out in. I would have preferred MMA Supremacy to have some sort of story to give you a reason to identify with any of the given fighters.

When it comes down to it there is very little that drives you forward within any of the game modes. There is a leveling system but that only unlocks the simplest of features, mostly consisting of new costumes for the given fighter you’re using. The modes within the game are broken up into story-based, online, and random fights which all add to your leveling progression. On paper, this all seems like a great game with ample features, but I felt no need or want to continue playing the game past completion of the story mode in any of the fighters and even then it was a chore to get through.

Supremacy MMA does make it easy to master its mechanics by using its health and stamina meters to guide you through your fights. Once you understand how each of the systems work, it is easy to progress your fighter from a low-level amateur to being one of the top fighters in the MMA scene. It is simple to set up an online fight and so far the community has been robust enough that a bout only takes a few seconds to set-up. The inclusion of girls within the game also adds an extra layer of uniqueness not seen in any of the other MMA games on the market.

While there are plenty of game modes to play through, there is not much to keep you playing through all that content. There are some real MMA fighters within the game but most of the cast created for the game and the lack of real storylines or unique personalities makes for a large selection of forgettable brawlers. To excel at countering within the game, you will spend a lot of time watching for on-screen button prompts or taking your hands off of the fight buttons to better exploit the right stick submission counters. This will lead to many of the fights being by how well you move the right stick which is a mechanic that is not intuitive in any way.

I really liked the idea behind MMA Supremacy and in a lot of ways liked some of the choices that were made for the game. Focusing more on meters rather than a nebulous flow of fights is a breath of fresh air within the genre but the fact that it’s handicapped by a poor control scheme is unacceptable. The game shows promise, but I will not suggest a buy until some of the niggling problems are fixed.

+ Less complicated than other MMA games

+ Features female MMA fighters

+ Multiple game modes to master

– Unintuitive control scheme

– Forgettable story-mode and fighters

Final Score: 5 out of 10

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