Xbox 360 System Update For 10/11

If you fired up your Xbox 360 this morning you were prompted with a required update, so what is the newest update? Nothing, this is just a general system maintenance update and there are no new features. So if you were hoping for the new dashboard, you are out of luck. The download in fact is a small one and will take minutes to download and install, but this is a required update so just be patient and before you know it the update will be done and you can get back to your favorite game.

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  • Arthur-3

    Good to know 🙂

  • Verkadian

    Thank you! I noticed nothing new, but that doesn’t always mean much lol

  • Steve Cross86

    gay ps3 updates actually do something unlike 360

    • Coldfight

      You are either ignorant or arrogant. There have been many ps3 updates that do not add new features.

    • scottyMAC100

      hey steve cross86. do you enjoy a console that is so easily hacked? you’re stupid. dip shit!!!

      • K_slugga

        Umm 360 is far easier to hack than the ps3…just a fact

    • Mai

      like what? give away more of your information?

  • vDark Eaglev

    Hey just because it doesn’t add anything new doesn’t mean its pointless its most likely glitch fixing or slight optimization of the xbox operating system

  • Annoying_Troll_Hater

    Hahaha, did you guys see that guy comment about how the update did nothing and that’s why PS is better? I never thought I’d see something like that in one post. The update wasn’t for nothing haha, they’re prepping us for all the new features coming out this fall. We got Comcast, HBO, New Dashboard, Kinect dashboard features and so on. There is like 15 brand new features coming and they just have to get the system ready. Did you guys know were getting YouTube and and internet browser? But, according to that guy at least Playstation’s updates “do” something. hahahaha.

    • Proof that it’s always better to know a little something about what you’re talking about.

  • ROBLOXQuestionsForMe


  • Fakielaserflip

    If psn wasn’t so terrible there wouldn’t be xbox… but live is so much better

  • Phil

    The Piece of Shit 3 can’t compare xD

  • Taishi

    General system maintenance is a fancy way of saying that the fall ban hammer is on it’s way

  • Teh Pirate

    Another piracy update I’m guessing. Why can’t they just leave us alone 😉

  • Echo5papa1

    oh it did something alright….. prior to the update I was able to take advantage of a glitch in Fallout New Vegas. Now it doesn’t work . I think the update affected clearing the hardrive cache

  • Tristianwilson

    I have both systems and I enjoyed 360 more . The only game that I play my ps3 is killzone 3. And it takes for ever just to start up. I barely turn on my ps3 because of that