A Simple Question: Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode, also called Survival mode, is a game variant that was most recently implemented in Fallout: New Vegas as a way of making the game more realistic.  You were forced to eat, drink and sleep in order to avoid penalties (up to and including death), along with other rule variances that made the game more difficult.  I personally love a game that puts in an additional challenge, and find that long duration role playing games stand to benefit the most from such tweaks.  It was my hope that the newest game from Bethesda, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, would include such a mode, but alas it seems this is not be.  So while my question was initially going to be focused on Skyrim, I’ll open it up to cover the mode in general:

Do you prefer playing a game in Normal mode or Hardcore mode?

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Obviously, there aren’t many games to choose from in thinking about your response to the question, but consider your answer for those games that you have played.  If you haven’t played any, which do you think you’d prefer? Scrounging for food and water and balancing inventory, or just playing through the story and enjoying the game without being weighed down by the micro-management of Hardcore mode?  As I stated above, if I have the choice, I’ll play Hardcore mode, but as you’ll see from the two folks who responded on Twitter (when asked about whether they would want to play a Hardcore mode in Skyrim), I seem to be in the minority.

@Tanglebonitis – Nope. Normal for me.

and with an eloquent response,  @Steve519 – no.

That’s what they think. What do you think? Vote above, and comment below!

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  • I like the choice. But generally I’ll play through once on ‘normal’, then do the replay on ‘hardcore’.