Error 3200 Stopping You From Getting iOS 5

A lot of us trying to upgrade to iOS 5 may have experienced a couple of hiccups when trying to get our hands on the coveted iOS 5. The one error that seems prevalent is the Error 3200 code. I for one had experienced it on one of my devices and could not figure out what was going on. The code is not listed on Apples site and when I spoke with an Apple rep they said it could be from too many of us trying to download iOS 5. They had no fix for the problem, but I did find a solution that may work for you. I unplugged my device from my laptop, powered off the device and restarted it and plugged it back into my laptop. I clicked on the prompt to update and no more 3200 error code.

Now this could have been just a fluke, but if you are looking for a solution try this one. If you find it works let us know, even if you had a different fix for this annoying error code feel free to comment below.

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