Help Sick Kids: Join Platform Nation’s Extra Life Team

Hey everyone.  I know I am usually posing a question or offering up product reviews, but I wanted to take a minute of your time to ask for your help.  Some of the writers and myself will be participating in the Extra Life fundraiser to help kids involved with the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals.  This annual event challenges gamers to game for 24 hours, in hopes of raising money through donations.  Traditionally, gamers will ask for donations of $1 an hour, thereby acquiring $24 dollar donations from anyone and everyone.  Of course, you can donate any amount that wish wish, big or small.

This year’s event will be taking place this Saturday, Oct. 15th from 8AM to 8AM on the 16th.

Platform Nation has a small team assembled this year, and we’ve already raised almost $1,000.  What we’re looking for from our readers and supporters is two-fold:

1) We’re looking for gamers who would be willing to take on the challenge, game for 24 hours, and raise money.  I know there’s only a few days left until the event, but if you have friends or family connected to you through Facebook or Twitter, you’d be surprised how generous they can be (I know I have been humbled for the past 2 years).  You can sign up at and join the cause.  If you do, be sure to join the Platform Nation team.

2) If you’re able to donate any amount of money, not only would we be greatly appreciative, but more importantly, the kids whose lives you’ll be making better will appreciate it.  Donating is easy, you can use either PayPal or a credit card online, and again you can support any of the Platform Nation team members.  No amount is too small, so if you only have $5 you can spare, it’ll still go a long way towards us hitting our goal.

So you’re not able to game for 24 hours, but you want to stay connected with what’s going on? Fair enough.  I will be streaming my gameplay on the day of the event.  You can visit my website for more information as the day of the event gets closer.  I will also be playing games for a good chunk of time on OnLive, so if you want to spectate for free, you can download a copy of OnLive for your computer (for free), add me as a friend (Username: vttym), and follow my gaming just as I see it (no blocky, slow streaming).  I will also be available in the chatroom of the service I stream through (still trying to decide between UStream and, so you can hop in a cheer me on at any time.

I’ll also be giving away a few small things.  So far I have a full digital copy of Halo:Reach for Xbox 360, a free Zune Pass trial, and a code for the Hail to the Icons DLC for Duke Nukem (for either PC, PS3 or Xbox 360).  I may also have some other goodies.  The catch?  You have to make a donation to get your entry in.  For every $5 you donate (did I mention it was to an awesome cause) will give you an entry.  However many prizes I give away will be the number of winners.   I’ll be doing the drawings throughout the day, and will announce them ahead of time on my website and twitter account (@vttym).

Update: The fine folks at Focus Home and Dancing Dots have generously provided 3 codes for the new XBLA title Rotastic.  As such, we will do a few live giveaways on Saturday to those attending the live stream, as well as having another item to give away to those that donated.  Thank you again to Focus Home and Dancing Dots for supporting Platform Nation as we game for sick kids!

If you join the Platform Nation team, and want to add what you’re doing, feel free to comment below.  Put in where you’ll be streaming, and how people can get more info.  A link to your donation page is perfectly fine too!  If you want to play games with me, let me know what you got (For OnLive or Xbox 360) and who you are, and I will try to get in some gaming with you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting Platform Nation in this great cause.  I look forward to seeing you on Saturday – I’ll need all the moral support I can get!

If you want to watch my stream from last year, check out the first of nine videos here.

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