Star Wars Episode I 3D Poster Revealed

It was a nice summer back then in 1999, as ‘a new hope’ of awesomeness was arriving at theaters in the form of the new Star Wars prequel trilogy. What we, faithful fans got instead, was a tiny bit of lightsabers and Jedi sexy mojo and quite an obscene lot of Jar Jar Binks. Well, prepared to be… puzzled again, as the official launch of yet another Phantom Menace release’s marketing campaign approaches in full throttle, giving us the promise of glorious 3D to the already… puzzling material.

I don’t know about you, but THIS is podracing!

It’s pleasantly surprising to see ass-kicking characters like Darth Maul be given such a prominent role in this good-looking poster; I just wish he was given a lot more screen-time but what do I know, right? In addition, there’s no Queen Amidala, no Gungan gloriousness,  and no C-3PO to be seen, clearly contrasting with its 1999 counterpart, which also didn’t feature either Darth Sidious nor Yoda. Oh, and I find its lack of Liam Neeson’s Gui-Gon Jinn disturbing.

So what do you think? Does using Darth Maul as a marketing device persuade you in watching this movie again? Is it wizard? Is that a good trick?

Source: IGN

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  • Anonymous

    this movie single-handedly ruined my 12th birthday.