Street Fighter X Tekken X Your Wallet For Special Edition

It’s gaining steam, but Street Fighter X Tekken hasn’t been getting the fair share of the limelight as of recently. Interesting trailers have hinted at characters, but gameplay’s been rather vague. Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3‘s more pressing arrival has taken much of the thunder from it. If anything, we know more about the title than the Namco-developed Tekken X Street Fighter. Capcom’s blown the lid off details of it’s title this week at New York Comic-Con.

In the game, players can equip Gems to modify their stats. These gems, five in play at a time, will activate in game when certain conditions are met. Capcom has released a new trailer showing off the fighting engine.

A special edition of the game will come out alongside the regular edition, releasing on March 6th in North America, and March 9th in Europe. Various retailers will include specific gems as a preorder bonus, but the special edition will include all the gems, plus nine exclusive. UDON will be creating a special prequel comic to be bundled with the game, and a model arcade cabinet/bank that players will build out of the box.

There’s no word on the Vita release, but they have announced a PC version has begun development.

Source: Capcom

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