Win Free Tickets To See Margin Call

We have an awesome giveaway for you guys and gals today! Just a heads up though, this is only good for you if you are in the Seattle area. So on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm, there is a special screening going on for Margin Call. It will be at the AMC Pacific Place theater. Please though, only respond to the giveaway if you are able to go, this way you’re not taking a pass away from someone who could actually use it. Now onto the movie.

If you haven’t heard of Margin Call yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I had no clue what it was before this giveaway, but after reading about it and watching the trailer that you see below, I really want to see it now. It’s inspired by a real story about the shady business of Wall Street. It’s a thriller that takes place over a 24 hour period at a major investment bank, right during the early stages of the financial crisis that we are still somewhat stuck in. What perfect timing too, with all the Occupy Wall Street protests going on.

Ok, for the giveaway now, just post below in the comment section why you want to see this thriller! The first 30 people who do will get a screener pass emailed to them (make sure that you leave your email). Your pass will allow up to 2 people into the screening.

Heads up: These are passes for an advanced screening. These screenings are overbooked so you normally want to be there an hour in advance to ensure that you have a seat. “Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed.”

If you could do us a favor too, if you enter this giveaway, share this post with a friend. You can do that so easily, all you have to do is click ANY of the ShareThis buttons at the top, or at the bottom of this post. Thanks everyone!

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