Age Of Empires Online Expands Its Reach To the Persian Empire

Robot Entertainment released Age of Empires Online back in August and it has already gathered a large audience. The game’s developers have just announced their first expansion which will add new ways to expand your empire and feature an all new society to control. Robot Entertainment has also added the ability to craft items while on the go with a free app for Windows Phones.
Age of Empires Online Goes Persian in October! Travel east as you command the Persians, one of the most powerful empires in ancient times, who controlled much of the known world and influenced culture around the globe. Battle with unique units such as the Immortals, mounted Persian Archers, and special attack elephants. Uncover new unit gear and Advisor cards. Single player and PvP battles await!

Legendary Quests and Gear! Your journey continues at level 40! Marshal your forces to face some of the toughest quests in the realm, with new challenges and new Legendary gear. Only the best will be victorious! Legendary features include:

  • Free to play!
  • 5 new Legendary quests found in Cyprus, available when The Twelve Kingdoms quest has been completed
  • Dozens of new Legendary rarity items
  • Legendary Armaments store in Cyprus—get Legendary gear items for Coin!
Persian Empire
Age of Empires’ Online free-to-play game world is getting larger and now is the best time to compete against rulers from around the world. The improvements and expansion that Robot Entertainment has made will only help streamline an experience that is already fantastic for a free PC game. Head on over to Age of Empires Online to get in on the global conquest action.

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  • Pejman Akbarzadeh

    Wonderful! Persia was the first empire of the ancient world.

  • Maybe they should expand it to the mac!

    • Pejman Akbarzadeh

      expand the game or Persian empire?! 🙂

  • Kaspersky1982

    its so perfect
    im persian and i enjoy it !!!
    I wish one day to return to past glory