Kinect Features Revealed For Halo Anniversary

After finding out that Halo Anniversary had Kinect features I was apprehensive how they would implement them into the game. We know now what to expect and it looks like there are some really interesting Kinect features, the Kinect features are:

Voice Commands are pretty much what you were hoping for, throwing grenades, reloading your weapon and even switch between the Classic and Remastered graphics with just your voice.

Analyze Mode allows you to scan items from the single player campaign into “The Library”. This could be characters, vehicles, enemies and even weapons. Simply say the word “scan” and they will jump into your Library for you to view later.

In The Library you’ll be able to access all the things mentioned above and you will control this with gesture controls.

I don’t think that I will even attempt the Analyze Mode/Library, but there is a high chance that there will be some achievement related to it, so I guess I might have to. The voice commands do sound pretty good, I wouldn’t mind throwing a grenade or reloading. I just wish it had other squad features, like saying move forward or stop ramming the warthog into the wall.

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