Uncharted 3 Launch TV Commercial

While the full multiplayer has been available for some time now (complete with its own TV spot or two), the full retail package of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception doesn’t come out for another two weeks. That not only means there’s more than enough time to thoroughly enjoy Batman: Arkham City but also that Naughty Dog has begun their final television campaign.

A few things stand out: 1) Nathan Drake looks weird without a holster, 2) he looks even weirder with a gun but also without a holster, and 3) HORSES.

This TV spot also exemplifies what I love about the Uncharted series: in almost every other game, my only thought would be “what fun!” given the predicaments found in the trailer, but when Nathan Drake is put in those pickles, my minds goes “oh god, he is so freaking boned.” He is an ordinary man who just happens to find himself in extraordinary situations.

He also just happens to have incredible upper body strength, substantial resistance to firearms, and a reckless disregard for fully tucked shirts.

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