Free Table Coming To Pinball FX2

If you like pinball video games you have most likely played Pinball FX2, one of the best of its kind ever made. Frequent updates, amazing physics, and a low price make the game a perfect combination of nostalgic fun. Now Zen Studios is going to make the game even better by releasing a free table in celebration of Pinball FX2’s one year anniversary.

The free table, titled Paranormal, will be offered over Halloween weekend from October 26th – November 2nd for the low price of nothing. The table was originally released for Zen Pinball on PS3 quite a while ago and will now be hitting the Xbox 360 for the first time. The table will be upgraded to feature “achievements, operators menu, and a rule sheet”.

Take a look at the trailer below to get a look at this truly crazy table that features 10 flippers, a rotatable playing field, and a smattering of mini games.

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  • Lunalicrichard

    Hey , this is a different one then on the ps3 ! Or is it ? Not 100% sure …..
    But pinball is awesome and the should put out a lot more table’s ! This is the first dlc in how long ? and it sucks they just offer us 1 table at the time . I would love to get more from Zen if they just put out more dlc for FX2 . The 360 version is far superior to the ps3 one for some odd reason . It just doesn’t play as smooth as on 360 .