PlayStation Vita Releases February 2012

One handheld to rule them all!

Sony’s handheld portable console has a release date.  This coming February 22nd, 2012, the WiFi and 3G (AT&T) models will hit stores for $249 and $300 respectively.   From the front touch screen to the rear touch panel and augmented reality to the dual-analog sticks, this console will be difficult to dismiss.  According to Jack Tretton (SCEA President and CEO), there are currently over 100 games being developed right now including marquee franchises like Uncharted and Call of Duty.

Sony is not messing around with this unit.  Sony has thrown so much into this machine, making it accessible for many types of gamers.   I believe most of the games Tretton referenced will be released and within a proper launch window. I’m looking forward to the PS3 integration and the party features, and very excited about trophies.

This beautiful piece of hardware and software isn’t perfect.  While Sony is throwing a lot into this console, they are not throwing in any memory (OK, 512 MB) or even a memory card.  The front of the box even notes: Memory required (not included).  I understand Sony had to keep costs down, but this is too far.  The memory cards it will accept are proprietary (expensive) which will no doubt frustrate the silly gamer that expected the newest Sony handheld had onboard memory. I’m assuming there is enough on-board memory to run the OS, but little else.  While this is a big drawback, I’m sure I’ll get over it very quickly.  Just take note, you’ll need to be saving for the cards along with the Vita.

Source: PS Blog, PS Vita Website

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