El Presidente, Tropico 4 Is Now Available On 360

Welcome back El Presidente, I know Tropico 3 was a pretty demanding game and I’m sure your eager for something new, something different.

Tropico 4 is now available for Xbox 360 and promises to bring some crazy new Tropico gameplay to consoles. The game released for PC a while ago and was well greeted by Tropico gamers as a great next step in the series. Xbox 360 owners can now join in the fun as Tropico 4 is out now.

In Tropico 4, you are given the task of turning your island from a mess into a global superpower, by developing the island’s economy and dealing with the financial and political troubles that any dictator would come across. Tropico 4 is out for Xbox 360 now.

Check out the below trailer to see what you can expect in Tropico 4.

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