Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming Early 2012

According to Mass Effect’s official twitter feed, the franchise latest iteration (scheduled for a March 6, 2012 release) is getting a demo somewhere within January of next year.

The tweet indicates said demo will feature both single and multiplayer portions of the game, while not giving away too many details as to what kind of content we can expect. In addition, it doesn’t specify what platforms the demo will be released on, though it could be assumed both HD consoles and the PC are getting it, considering they’re the ones getting the actual release later that year. One thing’s for sure, even  if the exact release date for the demo remains unconfirmed, we’re excited as hell for New Year!

Source: IGN


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  • Dan still

  • Interesting how the gaming world incorporates real life situations.  Mass Effect 3 will introduce a same sex romance option with its release.