Steam Partners With Xsolla To Benefit Russian Gamers

In Russia, money deposits you! No, no wait…

The company Xsolla provides an easy payment system to 38 million users. With over 450,000 cash kiosks across the country, Xsolla is the world’s largest payment network. Xsolla provides payment tools for in-game monitization and pre-paid membership and currency cards. So basically they are like a big, organized, electronic version of those card racks that litter pharmacies, electronic stores, and basically every other store in the US.

Now there is a new payment method, that allows direct depositing of money from users’ accounts into their Steam wallet.

In Russia, PC gaming is very popular, and is one of the largest potential markets still around for the platform. However, high piracy in the country prevent the market from growing. By making it easier for users to buy through Steam, hopefully more users will be convinced to purchase through Steam.

Over 450,000 cash kiosks throughout Russia now offer gamers the ability to add value to their account’s Steam Wallet, enabling millions of gamers to purchase, download and play their favorite games using Steam, the world’s largest social entertainment platform.

Valve chose Xsolla, the leader in game monetization solutions in Russia, to help them make Steam more accessible to gamers in the Russian market.

“We are thrilled to make Steam more accessible to the Russian market, and we believe Xsolla is an ideal partner to help make this happen,” stated Jason Holtman of Valve (Steam).

Albert Donahue, Vice-President & Co-Founder of Xsolla commented: “Xsolla’s partnership with Valve (creator of Steam) will enable millions of gamers in the Russian Federation to enjoy Steam. Steam revolutionized the way games are distributed and experienced- Not only are players able to enjoy over 1500 games through Steam, but they are also able to enjoy the experience with friends and other gamers via the Steam Community, which has over 30 million players. We are excited to partner with Valve to bring Steam to Russia.”


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