Cities XL 2012 Launches, City Building Commences

Cities XL 2012 launched yesterday, and for any previous Cities players, it sounds like this game will be a must buy. There is a lot of additional content in this new edition of the Cities XL game, not the least of which is an additional 300 structures over the previous game, bringing the new total to 1000.

Not only do you get new structures, but 15 completely new maps are in the game, bringing some surprising new challenges for even the best city builder to come up against. Whether it be the flooded canyons around Lake Powell, a lost oasis, or even the Cayman Islands, any Cities fan is sure to enjoy the unique new maps.

Cities XL 2012 is now available worldwide. And owners of Cities XL 2011 can download the game at a reduced price on the official website.

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