PowerUp Heroes Hits Retail

Step up Superhero, your time has come to wave your arms around in front of the Kinect and take out the forces of evil in PowerUp Heroes for the Xbox 360.

If you own a Kinect, you can expect to have some fun full-body combat gameplay while taking out opponents with super powers, you heard right, SUPER POWERS! In PowerUp Heroes, you will climb into over 20 super suits and use over 40 unique superpowers to take out your enemy. Experience total immersion within your own superhero world, controlling each move by using your whole body to perform all sorts of attacks. You will have over 20 close-combat moves and techniques, and with a wide variety of gameplay modes you can even compete against your friends.

You can even fight it out online in three different modes against other superheroes. The first 100,000 copies of PowerUp Heroes received a FREE limited-edition comic book. Find PowerUp Heroes for Kinect in-store right now for $50.

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