Daytona USA Rolling Starts Appearing This Week


One of the worst-kept secrets of the past few months is SEGA’s return to Daytona USA. The legendary arcade racer made home appearances on the Sega Saturn and Windows, and was remade for the Dreamcast (removing “Daytona” elements due to licensing issues). It’s been largely absent for over a decade, but holds a special place in the hearts of many. SEGA teased it weeks ago, but confirmed its release today, letting loose on digital downloads this week.

Sony’s confirmed that it’ll be on the PlayStation Network tomorrow, while SEGA’s confirmed it’ll be on Xbox Live on Wednesday. Featuring Arcade, Survival, Time Trial, and even Karaoke modes, the game is yet to have a price announced. It’s not the only retro SEGA title to go digital this fall; Treasure’s Guardian Heroes just hit Xbox Live, and Sonic CD‘s coming back in upcoming weeks.

Sony’s even giving bonuses to early adopters.

For two weeks only (until November 8th), we are giving away our DAYTONA USA retro theme as gift with purchase. DAYTONA USA is also part of this month’s PlayStation Plus program. For Plus members, we are giving away a free theme and retro car avatars.

Are you ready to return to Daytona?

Source: SEGA and Sony

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