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This past Friday, Nintendo held a press event to detail some of their upcoming software titles. Among the games they highlighted, Mario Kart 7 got a lot of attention. In an interview, the Mario Kart 7 Producer Hideki Konno went into a great detail about the strong online presence planned for this Mario Kart offering. The first major feature is the functionality surrounding StreetPass, and there will be even a Mario Kart channel for the 3DS. Similar to the channel with the same name for the Wii, this will be the place to view ghost data from StreetPass encounters, and view the records of those you’ve raced locally or online. Also transferred in StreetPass will be your Mii and kart and racing characteristics. So, you’ll be able to race in a Grand Prix against your friends offline; the game will try to approximate your racing style based on the data transferred in the StreetPass. Not all kart frame and wheel customizations are unlocked at the beginning of the game. So, as you win against other Mii’s you’ll unlock the parts that Mii has. If you are racing online, you’ll have the option to race against those you’ve StreetPassed with. This can turn a random StreetPass from an isolated event into a regular rivalry.

SpotPass will also be fully utilized. There will be up to 20 Time Trial ghosts downloaded daily to your system. Not only will these ghosts be matched to your level, they will be the ghosts of other Mario Kart 7 players around the world. As you race the Time Trials, all your race data is uploaded to Nintendo servers, and may be distributed as ghosts. In addition, Time Trials ghost racing will not just be a 1 to 1 ratio any longer, there will now be up to 7 ghosts racing simultaneously.

Now onto the heart of Mario Kart, Multiplayer! Online multiplayer will feature up to 8 racers and 60 fps, which sounds amazing for a handheld game! But the most interesting feature is Communities. Communities will allow users to setup rules or parameters and make those available to friends or to promote online. This will make the tournaments much easier to host and promote; and you can set it up with or without powerups, or just with certain karts, etc.

I was excited about this game in a past article. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours into Mario Kart for the DS, there were limitations, but the core game play was solid. I see absolutely no drawbacks to this new version. Nintendo is really taking advantage of the core technology of its latest handheld, and showcasing it in this game, and I can’t wait!

Source: Iwata Asks

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