“Artifacts Of Power” DLC Now Available For Orcs Must Die!

Orcs MUST Die, the just must. In case the existing of arsenal weapons was not enough, a new set of weapons for the critically acclaimed game “Orcs Must Die!” is now available.

The “Artifacts of Power” DLC contains 4 new items. The Alchemist’s Satchel will allow you to lob “deadly acid bombs” onto enemy Orcs, while new Vampiric Gauntlets will drain health from enemies and restore your own. Tthe Shock Zapper and Floor Scorcher, will add to the set of destructive traps available.

Right now the DLC is on-sale on Steam for only $1.99, and will jump back up to normal price ($2.50) on November 1st.

Orcs Must Die! is a critically acclaimed defense game that puts you in control of a powerful War Mage, killing off waves and waves of enemy orcs sieging your castle. Orcs Must Die! is available on Steam, Xbox Live, and OnLive for $14.99.

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