Battlefield 3 PS3 Drops Battlefield 1943 Bonus

Back in June, it was announced at E3 that along with upcoming multiplatform releases SSX and Need for Speed: The Run, Battlefield 3 would be receiving a PS3-exclusive bonus due to a deal by EA and Sony; SSX would be getting an extra level, NFS would be getting seven vehicles, and Battlefield 3 would be getting a free copy of Battlefield 1943, the “critical differentiator,” as SCEA CEO Jack Tretton put it, for Sony’s console.

What thousands of PS3 users have now discovered, though, is that there is no BF1943. It’s not in the box, it’s not on the disc, and it’s not hiding behind a PSN code. This left many wondering if they had just been hoodwinked.

It sure seems like it. According to Gamepur, DICE stated “the Limited Edition will not come with BF1943, but with the Back to Karkland expansion,” and in response to one inquisitive Twitter user, the Battlefield account stated that “in lieu of 1943 being available on disc for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.”

Aside from lacking a variety in diction and any semblance of a mea culpa, this also seems a bit shady. If you recall from last month, Sony had announced that they had managed to swing it so that PS3 users would be getting BF3 expansions one week before other platforms (same as how the 360 would be getting Modern Warfare 3 expansions first).

So sorry to say, PS3 BF3 owners, but you’ve been duped. Instead of a free game (albeit a 2-year-old downloadable one), you get zero apologies and a “hope you don’t remember!” Am I alone in thinking this is pretty much a…not great thing to do? At least their servers aren’t down, I guess.

Source: NeoGAF

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