Paranormal Table For Pinball FX2 Available For Free!

Halloween is coming up soon, and in order to celebrate the spooky occasion Zen Studios has released a free table for Pinball FX2. Well, its also to celebrate the anniversary of Pinball FX2’s release…

The Paranormal table is available for free until November 2nd, at which time it will be available for 240msp. Better yet, since Pinball FX2 just acts as a launcher for a-la-carte tables, you can get the table for nothing at all. So you can download Pinball FX2 here, and the Paranormal table here, both entirely for free.

The Paranormal table is as whacky as the premise its based on. With 5 flippers, a rotating playfield, and a full backboard sized mini-game; its one hell of a set-up.

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