JAWS: Ultimate Predator Coming In November

 Are you missing your old Xbox version of Majesco’s Jaws Unleashed?  If so, you will be able to take to the water once again, but on the Wii and 3DS with Jaws: Ultimate Predator.  For those unfamiliar with the premise – you get to play as the shark and swim around snacking on swimmers and other sea-life.

“Majesco Entertainment announced today that JAWS: Ultimate Predator will be available at the end of November for both Nintendo 3DS™ and Wii™. Based on the iconic Steven Spielberg movie franchise, JAWS: Ultimate Predator is a re-envisioning of the world’s most famous and deadliest predator the ocean has ever seen.”

“Players take the role as JAWS– hunting and killing prey, exploring the depths of the sea and battling fearsome new bosses. The game is loaded with hidden collectibles and upgradeable special abilities. Players will have more than a few ways to rip their foes apart. JAWS: Ultimate Predator is riddled with combos, finishing moves and deadly special attacks – including intense rage attacks!”

Oddly, the game has been rated differently on each system.  For the Wii it is rated T for Teen while on the 3DS it is rated M for Mature.  I guess 3D blood is more shocking than 2D blood, but in the words of Marty McFly, “The shark still looks fake.”  Sorry Bruce.

Check out screenshots from both the Wii and 3DS versions below in the gallery.

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