Rock Of Ages Flattens Price To Pumpkin Pie For Halloween

Atlus’ Rock of Ages has been an interesting title. Almost an inverse of Katamari Damacy, it involves players attacking enemy castles with a massive boulder while simultaneously defending their castle. The game came out two months ago for PC and Xbox Live Arcade. The PlayStation Network iteration has yet to be released. In case you’ve missed it until now, a Halloween update might help you decide on picking it up.

Atlus has dropped the price of the title by 25% on Steam. On sale for $7.49 until Halloween, Atlus has revealed a special Halloween update for the title. Players can now use a Jack O’Lantern-styled boulder in their battles. Additionally, the title screen and logo have been updated for the festivities.

Have you picked up Rock of Ages? Are you wishing the Xbox Live Arcade version was on sale? Are you just waiting on the PSN version?

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