Mario Kart 7: New Characters Revealed

What’s the first thing you wonder when you hear about a new Mario Kart game? Will it be a sequel to Double Dash? Okay, maybe that’s just me. But the second thing I wonder is which obscure characters from the Mario family canon Nintendo will bring out as unlockable characters throughout the game. The newest edition of Nintendo Power magazine is shedding light on that mystery by revealing a few new playable characters for the fans, while keeping the promise that there will be many other unlockable characters that will remain secret until the game’s release date on December 4th.

While there aren’t too many surprises (I mean wasn’t everyone’s first thought upon seeing the giant bee queen in Super Mario Galaxy to slap her into a go-kart?), there’s a nice diversity hinted at here, character and kart-wise, that I think will make this one of the funnest Mario Karts yet. Even though it’s still only one character per kart, which, yes, I’m still bitter about.

Check out the excerpt from Nintendo Power below and get excited! You’ll be Mario Kart‘in on your there-are-finally-games-coming-out-for-me Nintendo 3DS in just over a month.


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  • lucas

    im a fan of mario kart

    • Recon99

      Good for you :/

  • Dixie_tails

    Dixie Kong & Toadette 🙁