EA Estimates 5 Million Battlefield 3 Units Sold In First Week

There’s something to be said about “internal estimates” such as today’s from EA; specifically, they might be lies. For Halloween, though, someone over at EA decided to crunch some numbers and share them with us, revealing that in its first week in retail, Battlefield 3 moved five million units globally. They call it “the fastest-selling game in EA history,” being “propelled by great reception from critics and player word-of-mouth.”

As Joystiq pointed out, this means that they’ve sold just about half of their original 10 million store shipments. I guess that really isn’t too shabby.

They also threw out some other statistics, some of which were actually interesting (98.9% server uptime and 67 million destroyed vehicles) and some of which were rather bland (over 200,000 followers on Twitter!). I can safely say I’ve contributed at least eight jets to that destruction figure. Sometimes you just don’t feel like landing, you know?

via EA

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