Humble Voxatron Debut Taking Donations

The Humble Indie Bundle is a thing of beauty. Players can donate any amount of money and get a few games for their money. The creators of the games, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play all benefit from the service, assuming you select them as recipients. You can even tip the Humble crew themselves.

Recently, the Humble Bundle has started to focus on singular games when it’s not in season for a full bundle. Today, Voxatron has gotten a release through the bundle. The alpha of the game, an unfinished version, is available now. The full game will run for $15, but you can pay anything for a lifetime of updates to the title. On top of the actual game, a level editor is included to extend gameplay beyond the levels released.

Voxatron is cross-platform and DRM free. The deal will be running for two weeks.

Source: Humble Bundle

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