The Binding Of Isaac Binds More Content For Free

The Binding of Isaac is an odd beast. A critical darling, it features a naked child trying to escape it’s mother. For only $4.99 on Steam for both Mac and PC, it’s not too intimidating of a purchase. The Legend of Zelda-inspired game even has a soundtrack available for a dollar, but it’s promise of free future updates have been the real deal.

While many games offer superficial Halloween updates, Isaac has offered a substantial content release.

BIG HALLOWEEN UPDATE (with no actual lame halloween themes)
-Added chapter 5 (unlocked after 10 mom kills)
-Added 3+ new bosses
-Added 4 new enemies
-Added 20+ new items
-Added one new unlockable character (Eve)
-Added one new “FINAL” ending.
-Added 6+ new achievements
-Added 2 new music tracks
-Added updated collection viewer
-Added 4 new tarot cards (finishig the major arcana)
-lots of small bugs were fixed
-load time fixed
-a few minor item balances

Undoubtedly, players who’ve beaten the released portion of the game will go back and play for new achievements and items. It’s refreshing to see free DLC in a world where many developers charge for content already on the disc.

Have you already bested this game, and feel the need to go back for more?

Source: Kotaku

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