Men Of War: Vietnam Adds A Free Map Editor To Their Military RTS Game

In a surprising move, 1C Company has offered Men of War: Vietnam players the ability to create their very own maps and scenarios to play through.  This new map editor will be available for anyone that has purchased the game online or through Steam and this patch will also feature some significant updates to the game-play.

1C Company announced today the newest update to Men of War: Vietnam. The new update adds full editing capabilities to this latest addition in the multiple award-winning Men of War series. Players can create their own scenarios and maps, opening virtually unlimited possibilities for customization and mod support. Players can also share their creations with others freely adding infinitely more ways to play the game.

Additionally, this update lowers game difficulty on Easy and Normal levels, allowing less experienced players a way to conquer Vietnam. Both campaigns will likewise be available from the start of the game allowing new players a choice from the beginning who they want to fight.

For more details on Men of War: Vietnam please head over to their homepage or check out the Platform Nation Men Of War: Vietnam Review.

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