Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Analysis

Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA V earlier today, and my pre-order has already been placed. Welcome back to San Andreas. Check out the trailer and then some of the things that stood out in the trailer for me.


Check out the dog in the bottom left, can we expect animals in the game now? Also, the weather effects looks gorgeous.

First sighting of a helicopter next to the back right building. Palm trees and a view of the giant buildings in the background. Later in the trailer we see these buildings up close so you can already start forming an idea of how huge the map is going to be.

Golf. And once again Golf carts. Can’t wait to bounce around the course. Maybe even play Golf as a mini-game. Also if you notice, Blimp in the top right.

Jet-ski’s! Wow. I’ve been waiting for ages to drive these in a GTA game, finally, a fast water vehicle. I’m sure Jet-ski drive-bys can be expected. Jet-ski races also.

Look how far the mountain go into the distance, whether you’ll be able to make your way there or not is a different matter. It just shows how huge the map is going to be with all these different environments. Beaches, mountains, cities. Also the two people are holding hands, looks like relationships are coming back!

Looks like you’ll have a lot more interactivity with the vehicles this time round. In this case, putting the roof down on the convertable. Could this mean you can now purchase vehicle upgrades and customize them? Bumpers? Nitro?

It’s nice to see that the well known brands from GTA4 are making there way back into the game.

These windmills look absolutely gorgeous, and check out the dirt particle effects coming from the vehicle in the background. Can we expect an upgraded version of the Rockstar RAGE game engine? Also notice the skimmer seaplane hiding at the back left.

L.A beach. Complete with a place for giant muscled guys to work out at and hot babes strolling up and down.

Don’t know who this guy is, but I’m sure he’ll be a mission giver and a major part to the story. Maybe even the main protagonist as we see him throughout multiple parts of the trailer.

Crop-duster. You will most likely be able to fly this. I can’t help thinking they are bringing back all of the amazing unique vehicles that we loved in GTA:SA.

And here is the GTA that we know and love. Ready for a heist? Also, see the guy in the mask is the guy from the above picture.

Looks like there’s a pretty bad homeless problem. Note the writing on the wall “Los Santos”

What’s a GTA game without prostitutes?

Jet! I really really hope that this is flyable. Flying the Hydra in San Andreas was so fun.

Motorbikes are back, which was assumed. Note the person being pushed over in the background falls with the same physics that were in GTA4.

Looks like police chases are back in a major way.

The VINEWOOD sign.

This also confirms that you might not just be flying small planes, but also pretty big ones. Let’s hope AT400’s and Andromeda’s are also available.

Pure perfection. Grand Theft Auto V. Probably coming out at some point in the next couple of years.

Overall, this is a really amazing trailer. It looks to be bringing back the giant environments and wide variety of landscapes and cities from San Andreas. And also bringing back some of the great vehicles too. Planes were dearly missed in GTA4 and I’m extremely glad they are back. I don’t know much about the story apart from the voiceover mentioning that he moves to the city to start a nice normal life, and then stuff happened, which is pretty much a typical GTA storyline. I am very excited to play this game. Only problem is that we’ll be waiting a while.

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