Firefall’s Dreadnaught Comes Out With Guns Blazing In New Trailer

Just a few weeks ago our very own Steven Artlip (Steve519) was absolutely floored by his time with Firefall during PAX Prime 2011. It’s come to the point where almost all the staff at Platform Nation has been won over by his enthusiasm and plan to squad up once the free massive multi-player shooter is released.

Red 5 Studios recently released a video highlighting their fifth Battleframe, Dreadnaught.  Each Battleframe serves as a separate class that you can play within the game and the Dreadnaught plays like the equivalent of a heavy gunner found in other squad based FPS games. Firefall also gives the Dreadnaught a whole suite of cool abilities to use while out on the battlefield. The abilities that are found in Firefall make it seem more like MMORPG than a shooter, and that is a mix I’m looking foward to getting my hands on.  Check out the trailer for the Dreadnaught below and don’t forget to enter for a chance to get into their beta at the Firefall Beta Registration Page.

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