Grab Your Buttons And Cookies, PAX East 2012 Registration Is Now Open

Both PAX East and PAX Prime are quickly becoming the premiere gaming events that are held throughout the year. What’s special about PAX is that it still retains the focus on being a expo about gamers, for gamers, and run by gamers. The guys at Penny Arcade started this back in 2004 and with each year the convention has only gotten bigger and bigger in both size, scope, and gaming industry participation. PAX East is fast approaching next April and the official registration has just gone live. Please head on over to the Official PAX East Registration page for more info.

I’ve gone to PAX Prime once back in 2008 and I’d have to say it was one of the most amazing gaming/community experiences I had ever experienced in my life.  From the Pre-PAX Drunken Wizard’s Tournament Pub Crawl where I drank shots with the guys from Bioware, to the late night LAN sessions that were fueled by energy drinks and coffee, the whole event was filled with moments that still get me giddy til this day. If you’re just slightly curious about what the experience at PAX might be, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not heading over to the official PAX East Website and visiting their forums to see what the enthusiasm is about.

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  • Kate GalFriday

    It is called the Triwizard Drinking Tournament at Prime and the Pokécrawl at East. ^_^