Heavy Rain Downpours A New Bundle Next Week

Heavy Rain has gone down as one of the greatest PlayStation 3 exclusives. The innovative game is more Hollywood blockbuster than fast-twitch action game. Early last year, Sony rereleased it as a Greatest Hits version. After that, the game received Move support via a patch, and the Greatest Hits version received new stickers indicating such. Next week, Sony is bundling everything Rain together for new buyers.

Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut features a host of bonus content, much of it released already.

  • Complete, original game, Heavy Rain
  • Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC
  • Heavy Rain Original Videogame Score by award-winning film and television composer, Normand Corbeil (16 tracks)
  • New front-end menu and interface with built-in Move support
  • A series of 8 “Making of” Bonus Videos
  • Three Dynamic Themes (Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain ARI Forest, Heavy Rain ARI Mars)
  • 15 additional pieces of new concept art
  • 2 bonus Trailers (Thank You Trailer, Love Trailer)

Additionally, the Crime Scene Dynamic Theme will be made available for free starting next week for all PSN users. Retailing for $29.99, this will presumably replace the already existing Heavy Rain release. There’s no word if the game will include the origami that came with the initial release.

Will you finally take the walk in the rain?

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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