Water Resistant Gaming Raptor LK1 Keyboard

We have a product that will interest the PC gamer out there. The Raptor LK1 Keyboard is not only water-resistant, but it carries a low price tag of $35. The Raptor LK1 Keyboard features the new Fast Mover Technology that allows you to lock out removed keys to eliminate the possibility of critical mistakes while playing and cost you that spectacular killshot or that game winning evasive maneuver.

Features of the Raptor LK1 Keyboard include:

Anti-ghost technology that allows up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes
5 non-slip pads keep keyboard in place, with adjustable tilt legs
Fast-Mover-Technology™ that automatically locks removed keys
Red AWSD and arrow keys for instant location in the dark
Exchangeable key for personalization
Spare black AWSD and arrow keys and key removal tool
Water-resistant structure
Whisper-silent muted keystrokes
3m cable with gold USB connection
Plug and play installation
Sexy $34.99 suggested retail price
German engineering

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