PlayStation Home Remodel Live

Home is where you are?

PlayStation Home has been remodeled and redesigned and it went live this past Thursday. Announcing their plans this summer, Sony took the Home experience and repackaged it to give visitors a better idea of where and how to get where they want. Starting in the Hub, visitors can quickly get to the content they want. Navigating between each genre-based districts is easy with the teleporter, shopping happens in the mall, viewing media takes place in the theater. Each district features games and content based around these genres: Action, Adventure, Arcade and Sports. Quests can be obtained in the Hub and will vary regularly, requiring the visitor to visit certain areas or to obtain certain score within the districts.

Sony really put some thought into the redesign. I visited Home this week to see how different it felt and how easy it was to navigate. I found it very easy to get around, and very clear when I wanted to go to the other districts. The hub is much less like a destination than Central Plaza was. It’s clear it is the launching pad to the more robust districts designed with gamers in mind. I found the quests easily, played the free Cogs game, visited districts and it all very easy to navigate. It was obvious where the mall was, where the theater was, where everything was. And the districts were laid out well too, each with their own theme and ambiance that fit with the genre.

Overall, I was much more impressed than I thought i would be. I’m interested to visit Home as Sony continue to invest in their social gaming destination.


Source: PS Blog

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