Skyrim’s First Review Gets Released

Spoiler Alert! It’s positive. Earlier today scans of Atomic Magazine got uploaded to the net, showcasing all four pages of the first ever full in-depth review for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s pretty much a glowing review with barely a stitch of criticism to be found, but there’s some oddities here. They claim the game to be developed by id Software (check it out on the final page of the review). It’s a bit of a glaring error that seems impossible to miss, and isn’t that basically fact-checking 101?

Anyway, this barely-known magazine has the first ever opinion you can read of for Skyrim, and they use the phrase, “possibly the most majestic RPG ever made.” Those who are shying away from any game-related information may want to stop reading. Everyone else, click on the pages to zoom in and read all that Skyrim-related goodness!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, we’ve been asked to remove the images of the review. Here are some key quotes from it, hopefully they will help your decision process out.

Source: Atomic Magazine

Skyrim is almost intimidatingly large, so be prepared to spend a lot of time walking around as you slowly unlock more and more of the continent.

The Creation Engine also allows for dynamic weather conditions that are, honestly, insanely impressive. Fighting a dragon halfway up a mountain is impressive enough, but it’s even more amazing when it’s in the middle of a massive blizzard that limits your visibility to barely a few feet.

Skyrim boasts 150 dungeons and each one has been meticulously designed.

…Each dungeon is unique – there’s no cookie-cutter effect that many other games suffer from.

The AI for NPCs, while pretty damn good, still suffers from the occasional circular conversation…Having a guy you’ve just beaten to a pulp with your fists beg you for mercy and then stand up and bizarrely say ‘Good to see you!’ in a cheery tone was a little mood breaking.

Ultimately, Skyrim is a lot like Fallout: New Vegas – there are some flaws but they pale into insignificance compared to the sheer scope of the game.

Start stockpiling holiday time – you want to play a lot of this game.

And what score did they give Skyrim? An impressive 95 out of 100. If you really want to see the scans of the review, do a simple Google search and they should be one of the first hits. Having the threat of being sued hanging over our heads just wasn’t particularly nice, so they had to go.

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  • Steve

    not a real review, they just soooo haven;t played Skytim . .. .

  • Guest

    um this game wasn’t made by id Software…good job

  • Rainbow Butt Monkey

    Was that review written by a 12 year old?  Dear lord that was terrible, and could have been written with what information is available on the game already.

  • “Think initially about what sort of character you’re wanting to play”

    Hmm.  Between sloppy copy like the sentence about and the id software mistake, I’m pretty sure this magazine has no editors.  (It should read “Think initially about what sort of character you want to play.”)

  • Mooreman66

    You just know with games like Quake and Rage, Skyrim is going to be great! I’m definitely picking it up as I have been an Id Software fan all my life!! Go Packers!!

    • Mikemarks90

      Are you fucking retatded? Really? Id software made this no they didnr

      • Bobogalthorpe

        Well, someone’s certainly retatded.

    • Wefwe

      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or just a idiot.

    • Far327

      Bethesda Studios parent company (Zenimax) purchased id about a year ago. So it’s not surprising people would assume id developed this. Especially since all of id’s games are listed side by side with Beths games now on the official website.

  • TES Dovahkiin

    They haven’t played it, every image in that article was already used somewhere else.

    • Guest

      You are kidding, right? FYI, the images are recycled because alot of times you’re not allowed to take pictures. So they get them from other sites or the devs send em to the magazine, and they pick the best ones. peace out

    • Poppa Jizzle

      Internet warrior, General USI reporting for duty Sir. “I am the 14 year old gaming industry proof reader you always wanted to meet”.

  • Guest

    I suppose the animation problems mentioned are hard to overcome in such a large game when you can hit just about anywhere at just about any time. No matter, I still play and enjoy Oblivion, so all I can say is, I hope that they make a copy for next gen consoles in a couple of years!

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  • Anonymous

    Bethesda Softworks made Skyrim, not id Softworks this review is also probably fake due to the lack of new screenshots, vagueness of the game in general and the legal issues of a company posting a review before the games release without Bethesda’s permission.

  • Guest.

    Ok…what the fuck. This game is developed by bethesda game studios and published . Id software isn’t involved in any way with this game. Get your facts right.

  • Poppa Jizzle

    And a million internet warriors feel the need to state who the real software developer is in  a tragic fit of USI. Enjoy being alone forever guys 🙂

  • packie9485

    I have been an Id Software fan all my life too! Will have this game next to all quake games!!!!

  • Lucy Oughton

    Theres very little new information anyone with publishing software could have put this togather!!!

  • guest

    leaked skyrim ftw im already lvl 17 😀

  • Jonny295

    I would be jealous for these people with the pirated skyrim, but im not, and unfortunately for them they wont have that nice feeling that they are giving the creators the benefit they deserve for making a game perhaps better than BF3 and MW3, P.S Pirating is illegal kids, dont do it.

  • Guest

    I just finished Rage in 3 days and it was awesome, can’t wait to play Skyrim made by the same  developers. Just hope they don’t have that texture popping issue.