Orcs Must Die: Lost Adventures DLC Available Tomorrow

Greetings fellow Orc slayers and War Mages, I come bearing good tidings from the lands of DLC content: tomorrow will mark the release of the second batch of downloadable content for Robot Entertainment’s addictive tower defense game, Orcs Must Die! The DLC pack, entitled ‘Lost Adventures,’ will be adding new towers to defend, new monsters to conquer, plus other goodies, all for the modest price of $2.99. Each of the new towers will offer brutal new challenges for you attempt on various difficulties, so this pack should keep you entertained for at least an afternoon. If you are unfamiliar with Orcs Must Die then be sure to check out their website, along with my review for the 360 version (also available on PC). For a full run down on what to expect in the Lost Adventures DLC pack, look bellow:

 · Five New Fortresses – Repel the orc onslaught in four completely new fortresses plus a reverse version of The Tower where your enemies have the high ground! Each fortress can be played on Apprentice, War Mage, or Nightmare difficulty.
· Two New Enemies – Fear the icy breath of the Frost Bat, and beware the draining magical attack of the Cyclops Mage!
· New Leaderboards – Challenge your friends for the highest score on leaderboards for each of the five new levels.
· New skull rewards – Earn up to fifty additional skulls to further upgrade your arsenal of traps!
· A New Bonus Defense! – Place the Mana Well in strategic locations around a fortress for a burst of magical energy at just the right moment.

Be sure to pick it up!

Let the Orc slaughter continue...

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