Which Call Of Duty Did You Like Best?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 drops tonight, and I can’t wait to fight the horde of people who will undoubtedly be waiting for the stores to open at midnight. Up until this point Black Ops multiplayer and zombies have been my focus, but I’m anxious to get my hands on some fresh maps, and guns, and to rid myself of the Moon level forever.

Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and World At War (seriously?) are still part of the Top 20 games being played on Xbox Live right now. So, which game is your current favorite? And who else will be picking up Modern Warfare 3 tonight at midnight with me?

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  • Mark Rea

    I liked MW2 best. Didn’t care much for
    BLOPs. Picking up MW3 tonight at Best Buy baby..! Playing SP first, but most excited about MP.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite was COD 4, remains probably the best call of duty in history, everything went downhill once they started mixing in those ridiculous killstreaks and such.  I won’t be buying mw3.

  • domlover69

    Dear God can we get rid of moon level. I might wait for the price to drop a bit on MWF 3 before I pick it up.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the killstreaks were the reason I didn’t play Modern Warfare 2. At the time I just wasn’t good enough. Black Ops killstreaks just made the game a little more fun, instead of being a necessity to win a round. I’m hoping the system is a little more rounded in MW3.

  • Congrats on being able to write for this website! I love all the call of duties (especially the older WW2 ones) but I must say Call of Duty 4 will always be my bread and butter. I have played black ops and wasnt impressed along with world at war. Treyarch just wasnt the company for me i guess. I will get MW3 soon but for PC. I have come to appreciate the PC platform over PS3 which is a close second for me. As far as xbox I have never been a fan. Let me know how MW3 is so i can make a final decision on buying it or not. Tell my sis I said hi 🙂

    Peter Steele

  • Anonymous

    After playing Modern Warfare 3 for about 9 solid hours straight, I can honestly say its my new favorite. It took the good from Black Ops and MW2 and combined them into something awesome.