Trine 2 Preview

Recently, I had chance to enter the beautiful living world of Trine 2.

Trine 2 takes the amazing qualities from the first game and adds to them, making Trine 2 a fun, exciting and unpredictable game set in a gorgeous world and featuring some of the most complex and intuitive levels you can find on a PC platformer right now.

From playing the first two levels of the game, I can already see how huge and magnificent the final product will be. With bright valleys and dank caverns and an even wider variety of environments, every aspect of Trine 2 is visually appealing. While the gameplay and puzzle aspects are difficult at times, the rewarding feeling you get from killing the last goblin or getting across the cavern without even coming close to the spikes below can make you feel pretty great.

If you aren’t familiar with Trine, you play as three unique characters, all with completely different and unique weapons and powers. The wizard, Amadeus, has the power to create and levitate objects; if you need to move a boulder or build a bridge, he’s the person to do it. Zoya, is very skilled with the bow and can take down enemies from far away and cut down strategic ropes to drop down objects to leap on. She can also swing from wood by launching her grappling hook, which can come in useful at times. Finally we have Pontius, who is the fighter of the group. You don’t want to attempt to attack this guy unless you want a sword through your skull. Later on you can upgrade your characters to add extra powers, conjuring multiple items, getting hammers and better arrows.

I also had a couple of games of the co-op which is new to Trine 2. You can play as the three characters mentioned above, with each online player controlling each character. This means that you have to work with your team to get past any obstacles while looking out for and helping each other.

Trine 2 is one of the best looking games I’ve played in a while. The pretty graphics and fun gameplay make the game a delight to play. Check out Trine 2 when it releases this December.

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