Super Mario 3D Land In Stores Sunday

Super Mario 3D Land goes on sale this Sunday November 13th, marking the first Mario title for the 3DS since its launch last spring. And, if you hadn’t guessed, he’s now in 3D. If you can believe it, Princess Peach was taken by Bowser and the powerful Super Leaves were scattered throughout the kingdom.  Mario must collect the leaves and rescue the princess.   But, who really plays these Mario games for their story, it’s all about gameplay. New characters, powerups, moves, and 3DS enhanced gameplay all promise to deliver a fun and unique game.

New Super Mario Bros for DS was one of the first games I bought with my DS Lite. I spent many an hour replaying the levels to discover new areas, collect coins and unlock new worlds. The game was perfectly balanced, while not every level was a breeze, I also never threw my DS in frustration. If this game from 5 years ago is any indication of what’s in store for Mario fans this weekend, I’m set. I love the portability, challenge and small levels of the New Super Mario Bros for DS and I love both Super Mario Galaxy games for Wii; this seems like a perfect pairing of the two. I’ll be off to save the princess this weekend, will you?

Source: Nintendo

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