New DLC For Jamestown Adds New Playable Ships

Jamestown is one of the finest PC games of the year, and one of the best Shoot-Em-Ups (also called shumps) ever released. The indie title released earlier this year to critical acclaim. The games main mechanic rests on different controllable ships, like many shumps do. The game came with four different ships, each featuring its own special weapon.

Hopefully you are fed up with those four, because Final Form Games has just released the “Gunpower, Treason & Plot DLC” which adds 3 new ships. The Ghost allows you to deploy a copy of yourself, the Gunpowder can charge large grenadoes bombs to launch into enemies, and the Treason lets you charge up a barrage of rockers.

A fourth ship called the Fortune randomly rolls the dice and picks from any of the existing 7 special weapons, adding a little variability into the mix.

The “Gunpower, Treason & Plot DLC”  is only $2.00 on promotional price (will return to $3.00 after the release sale). Also newly available is a deluxe version of Jamestown that contains the game, DLC, and soundtrack for only $10.04. If you are a PC gamer you should add this game to your cart right this instant.

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