Valve & EA Battling It Out For Supremacy Of Wii U’s Online Services?

Wait, what? Nintendo made a big deal considering online services and their new home console last summer at E3, and if this new rumor is to be trusted, apparently Valve and EA want to be the forerunners of the Big N’s Wii U online service. EA is seemingly trying to convince Nintendo to use their Origin online service as the primary online source for entertainment on the new console, and as an exclusive for that matter. On the other side, Valve is attempting to get the uber popular gaming service Steam as the U’s main gateway to online entertainment.

Here is where I heartedly reiterate the fact that this is all huge speculation and just a rumor. Admittedly, I’m a huge Valve fan, but even if I weren’t I think I’d still be rooting for Steam here. I mean, I think the fact that the third suggested Google topic for “EA Origin” is “EA Origin sucks” sort of speaks for itself.


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  • justin price

    the immediate danger of using origin for Wii U’s internet service is seeing it become an EA exclusive console. I can’t think we’d see any activision games on there.

  • If Nintendo chooses either network, it will be a bad decision, since the developer company will not offer games for it

  • Fish

    If Nintendo were being serious about getting back in tough with the “core” gamers, Steam is the way forward.

  • Anonymous

    Nintendo already has a infrastructure for distribution for their Vitrual Console games. Why use either of these? Is Nintendo really that cheap to just sign an agreement rather than develop their own system?