Get Your Modern Warfare 3 On With Platform Nation

Well, it’s been a week now since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been out and we have great news. Elite is finally working! Ok, well it kind of is. One of the new features that Modern Warfare 3 has are the group feature, a feature that is similar to clans in a way, but you aren’t limited to a single group. There’s the group career, leaderboards, and a comment section where you can converse with other people in the same group.

I’m filling you in on all this though because I want you in our group! We need your help to grow our Platform Nation military might! I just set the group up and right now we have 3 people in there, myself and two of the hosts of the Video Game Jocks podcast, the self proclaimed, Best looking podcast on the internet! Their stats are putting me to shame too!

Anyways, you should do yourself and us a favor and come join our group! There will be some prizes in the upcoming weeks where you wil be able to win some sweet items, and we will setting up some online gaming nights with the group as well. Hope to see you all there, there’s going to be some fun times had by everyone in the group soon!

Update: Just a heads up, if that direct link to the group doesn’t work, you can find our group at #PlatformNation from the Elite website.

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