Online Features Detailed For Console Version Of The King Of Fighters XIII

The King of Fighters XIII is coming out real soon, and SNK Playmore details its most important feature in the console version, which is the online mode and capabilities.

MMCafe released a translation of what SNK Playmore posted on their official blog detailing what you can look forward to playing online.

The main modes for the online includes both ranked and player matches, with quick and custom searching.  For the replay system, there is the option to toggle attack and input data, heads-up-display, and even slow down the game frame by frame. You can also save your replays to the main menu from personal or top 100 leaderboard matches.

Here is the actual translation supplied by MMCafe:

SNKP made their weekly blog update. This week, it’s about the network but there’s not much worthwhile info except that you can go frame by frame in replay. Hopefully it’s frame-by-frame in 60fps. Interestingly, there’s no mention of a slow-motion option in the blog, but the sample video shows it. Hopefully the blog’s staff didn’t mistake the two terms (frame-by-frame and slow motion).

Also, they’re out of things to talk about and they’re wondering what to write about in the next update. Here’s a quick summary.

  • Network mode roughly has two options, “Ranked Match” and “Player Match”. Ranking Match allows you to play with a determined set of rules and your winning results will reflect on your ranking. Player Match on the other hand has no effect on ranking but lets you customize the rules up to a certain level.
  • You can search for opponents by “Quick Matching” or “Customized Matching”. You can set various search options when using Customized Matching. Like for instance, you can filter network speed by four levels/bars. The search options are somewhat different between Ranked and Custom matches. Also, you can set a region filter as well as a network speed filter when you’re hosting.
  • As a network-mode-only feature, you can save replays. You can also upload replays, but only in Ranked Match and if you’re in the monthly 100s.
  • Your saved replays can be viewed from the Replay Mode in the main menu. You can also download replays from the rankings and use them for studying. You can display/hide the meters, attack data, command data, jump through rounds, pause, and go frame-by-frame.
The King of Fighters XIII will be arriving next week on Nov. 22, 2011 for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with newly added characters and stat changes!
Source: iPlayWinner

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