Xbox 360 Users Finding Corrupted Save Files On Batman: Arkham City

As though the Riddler himself were playing a cruel (and ironic) joke, Batman: Arkham City players on the Xbox 360 are finding themselves in the midst of a corrupted save file epidemic. Hours of baddie beating and Riddler trophy hunting have disappeared for many 360 users, and no definitive reason has been given.

A 21-page thread was started on the Arkham City site, where many disgruntled users stated the problems they were having finding their save file. Warner Bros. has said that they are working on a fix, though a date for said fix has yet to be established.

This is unfortunate news for 360 users playing Arkham City. Especially for myself, as I JUST started the game yesterday (on 360).  I am slightly terrified to turn on my Xbox.


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