IndieRoyale Adds Two Games To Its Bundle To Celebrate “Difficult 2nd Bundle’s” End

By now most people know the name Humble Indie Bundle. The generous seasonal site that gives out a smattering of games for any price you want – and donates the money to charity if you so choose.  Less likely to be known to you is the IndieRoyale bundle, a new competitor – of sorts – to the Humble Indie Bundle. It’s a competitor as much as it sells a similar product, but its likely you can afford both of these name-your-own-price bundles.

The IndieRoyale bundle works a little different then the Humble Indie Bundle. Instead of just letting you pay whatever you want, the IndieRoyale bundle favors generous donors. If you pay over the average price it will drop the price – for everyone; and if you pay under the average you raise the average price for everyone. The company just ran their second bundle, called “The Difficult Second Bundle”, which received just over 30,000 downloads. Thats a far cry from the 100,000+ downloads the recent Humble Indie Bundles have received, but IndieRoyale is just getting started.

As a bonus for a successful second bundle, IndieRoyale has added two games to the package for buyers. Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect are both shooters made by CharlieGames, a small independent developer who also made Scoregasm. Irukandji is in the style of classic vertical Shoot-Em-Ups, and Bullet Candy Perfect plays closer to the Geometry Wars-esque genre. The new additions are not redeemable on Steam, but come with keys for Desura , a digital distribution program ran by They are also compatible with Windows, Max OSX, and Linux. Also added are the soundtracks for Nightsky and Scoregasm.

Unfortunately since the bundle has already ended, you are out of luck if you did not purchase it. But fortunately, the next IndieRoyale bundle – titled “The REALLY BIG Bundle” (which hopefully gives a good clue about what will be inside…) will start in just 8 days.  Check in at for information on their upcoming bundles.

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