PETA Are At It Again – Mario Kills Tanooki


Last week PETA made the gaming news after complaining about the ability to kill a rat in Battlefield 3(Although they didn’t seem to have a problem with the wanton slaughter of another more prevalent mammal in the game)

This week PETA are complaining about yet another game – no it’s not Modern Warfare3 (again cruelty to humans perfectly acceptable) PETA have set their sights on the moustached plumber Mario.  What can be wrong with the family friendly Mario I hear you ask? It’s the Tanooki suit

Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.

To emphasise their point PETA have commissioned a gruesome (but very fun) game. Which can be found here.

Have you ever connected the Tanooki suit to fur? Did you think Mario was skinning an animal alive to get it? Did it ever tempt you to skin your pet for its fur to see what fantastic power that it held? No? Neither did I, but PETA does.

Source: CVG PETA

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  • Cajun

    My father trapped. As a kid i watched him. He always had to make sure the animal was dead before taking them from the trap because of the danger. They were dea before he skinned them. A racoon is a powerful animal which can kill you. A mink isn’t any better. Where do these idiots get their info?

  • Steven

    Nobody really pays attention to that adorable suit Mario wears…
    You don’t see people saying stuff like ‘Hey Bill, want to go hunting? Mario apparently thinks it’s ok”
    How do you know Mario’s mom didn’t knit it for, from %100 faux fur?

  • Maraille

    Wow. It’s a game.
    Mario games never convinced me to skin an animal, or anything else; I’ve never attempted to jump down a pipe, smash my head on a brick, or jump on any reptilian creatures.
    Maybe PETA should try to focus their attention on real life issues.

  • Devon

    So, can PETA be sued for using Mario without Nintendo’s permission? I think so. Fuck PETA. If you really care about animals, go volunteer at a shelter.

  • Ezequiel

    I think PETA finally went over board, there is a limit you can cross.